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9. Chores in TM1

Introduction to Chores in TM1

Chores in TM1 are objects that execute one or more processes of TM1 at a user-defined frequency.

For example, if you have a process called UpdateSalesData and want to automate the process of updating the sales data (meaning you want to run the process automatically without user intervention from time to time), you can create a chore for it and schedule to run the chore at a specific time.

Creating chores

Launch your TM1 Architect, expand the nodes and right click Chores and click Create New Chore.

chores in tm1 1


Chore setup wizard will open. It will ask you the process that you want to run. You can select one or more processes. For the processes that have parameters, there is a button to specify the parameters.

The process that I’ve selected doesn’t contain any parameters so the button is disabled.

chores in tm1 2


Scheduling chores

After selecting your process, click next. Second step is to set the time for the chore to run. Also select the checkbox to activate the chore.

chores in tm1 3


Click finish. Wizard will ask you to save the chore. Give the chore the same name that your process has. If  you have selected multiple processes, give chore a meaningful group name.

chores in tm1 4


After saving the chore, you’ll see your chore appear in the tree view of Architect. This chore will run after every 12 hours as scheduled but on right clicking the chore, you also have the option to run it on demand.

chores in tm1 5



Create a process to save data on your server and schedule it to run every 2 hour.

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