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  1. Matt Dua / Jun 6 2015

    Hi There

    I am planning to become a certified TM1 developer. Have good knowledge of front end and very little knowledge of back end. However very keen to understand Turbo Integrator. Also how to find errors and its cause by reading TI process(I am a qualified accountant and struggle to understand the IT acumen). Please advice if there is any full/easily comprehendible course available?


  2. Cognos / Feb 17 2016

    Hi Team,

    I am Tm1 beginner . Do you provide training for a beginner ?

  3. Roshan Shah / Apr 12 2016


    How to find out, if users have logged in recently or at least once before? We need to find out who are real active users of TM1 and who are simply on the Tm1 server but idle.

    Kindly list out the steps.


  4. Alexandre / Jun 20 2016

    Dear all,

    Your page “” have some problems with the pictures, none of them are appearing. Can you please check?

    Thanks for all support!!!
    and the great material!!!

  5. nishant saxena / Sep 29 2016

    need to know tm1 training details including course type(video or video plus instructor) and course fee.

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