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Apr 27 / Administrator

How to Calculate Cube Size in TM1

Here is how to calculate cube size in TM1


Open your architect. Right click your application server and click Start Performance Monitor.



Go to View > Display Control Objects. You’ll see various control cubes among your cubes. OpenĀ }StatsByCube

This cube contains statistics of all cubes. To see the memory consumption Click the }TimeInterval dimension and select Latest.

Select the Total Memory Used dimension item from the }StatsStatsByCube dimension. Press F9. You’ll see Cubes Total. Expand it. You’ll find all your cubes in rows with total memory used in each. The values are in Bytes.



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  1. BariAbdul / Jun 27 2014

    Another easy way around , In the Server Explorer, Click on the Cubes and then in the Properties Window it will tell you the size of the cubes.

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