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Dimensions and Subsets

  • What is a dimension?
  • Dimension elements and attributes
  • Types of dimension
  • What are subsets?
  • Use of dimensions and subsets
  • Methods of creating dimension
  • Creating dimension manually
  • Basics of turbo integrator (TI)
  • Creating dimension using TI process
  • ¬†Creating dimension using excel worksheet
  • Write TI to copy dimensions (along with attributes)
  • Rename elements in dimension (trick)
  • Revision

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System Administration

  • Introduction to TM1 administration
  • TM1 components and their location
  • Relation of TM1 components with each other
  • Server manager
  • Various logs in TM1
  • Running TM1 server as a process
  • Implementing security
  • Introduction to Control cubes
  • Understanding important control cubes
  • Updating control cubes using advanced TI
  • Introduction to applications in TM1
  • Creating and managing applications
  • Creating TIs to monitor user activities

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TI Editor – Buy Multiple Licenses


Price: $249.00

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