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Jul 29 / Administrator

TI to Replace Dynamic Subsets with Static Subsets

Dynamic subsets are always better when your dimension is changing frequently and you have to use a subset of that dimension in your cube view. But dynamic subsets consume considerable amount of memory. So it’s advisable that if possible, you should use static subsets to dynamic subsets.


TM1 consultant Rahul Parashar has submitted a TI process which can help you manage that in your model. You can keep a list of all the dynamic subsets of your model in a cube and a TI created by him can convert all such subsets to static subsets in single go. How cool is that!


So from next time if your dimension gets updated, just run the TI process again to update your static subsets with new items.


Here are the details of TI process.


TI to Replace Dynamic Subsets with Static Subsets:

Cube: }DynamicSubsets
Dimensions: }DynamicSubsetsParameters, }DynamicSubsetsSerialNumber
Process: SubsetsDynamicToStatic

Just keep a list of all your dynamic subsets, their dimensions, and their MDX Expressions in the above cube and run the TI.


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  1. diop / May 25 2013

    Dear all

    I’m an beginner in tm1 and i’m interested by the ti script to replace dynamic subset to static

    Thank you

  2. Rhonda / Jul 16 2013

    I have a TI process that creates a static subset by indexing through the elemtns in the dynamic subset. It is very slow. Is Rahul’s process faster?

  3. Administrator / Jul 16 2013

    Why don’t you download the TI and see for yourself? Shall we send the TI to you? Also, Rahul’s TI is a generalized plun n play component so add it to your project and you’re good to go. It manages all dynamic subsets using a cube view which stores the dynamic subsets information.

    • Rhonda / Jul 16 2013

      yes, please send a copy of the TI to my e-mail. Was there a link to it on the web? I didn’t see it.

  4. Sasidaran / Sep 24 2013

    Admin, Can you please send me the TI to my email id. Thanks in advance

  5. sasidaran / Sep 25 2013

    Can you please send the TI process to my email id.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. suresh / Jan 13 2014

    pls send me the ti for the above.

  7. Robin / Feb 8 2014


    Can you please share the TI process to create subsets.
    Can you also please share how a plug n play component is created?


  8. TMJ / Feb 9 2014

    Please send the dynamic to static TI process to my email. Thanks!

  9. Sunet / Jul 8 2014

    Could you please send me the TI process?

  10. SS / Jan 3 2015


    Can you please share/email the TI process to create subsets.


  11. Administrator / Mar 5 2015

    Sent to all

  12. Nithya / Mar 24 2015

    I need the TI Process for the Dynamic Subsets

  13. Alicia Scappe / Mar 31 2015

    Hi! Can you please email me the T1 process? Thank you very much!

  14. Erin / Jan 25 2016

    Please send me the TI. Thanks!

  15. Cognosfreeinst / Feb 17 2016

    Hi , Can you please send TI process to my mail id please ? Also I have a question how dynamic subsets consume more memory than a static once ?

  16. Vaibhav Late / Sep 16 2016


    I have the TI process created by Rahul but i didn’t get how to create the “}DynamicSubsets” control cube with it’s control dimensions.

    • Administrator / Sep 20 2016

      what’s the problem in creating it? You just need to add all the files to your TM1 data directory and restart your server.

  17. Ankesh Jain / Sep 21 2016

    Dear Admin,

    Can you share the TI process with me as well please?

    Also we would really appreciate if you can post some more such interesting details as well.


  18. Ankesh / Sep 21 2016

    Dear Admin,

    Can you share the TI process with me as well please?


  19. Mario / Nov 22 2016

    hola que tal, me puedes mandar el proceso TI.

  20. Mario / Nov 22 2016

    Hi, Can you please email me the T1 process?.
    Thank you

  21. TIGHIDET / Jun 27 2017

    Bonjour, pouvez-vous envoyer le processus TI à mon identifiant mail s’il vous plaît?

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