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Writes a comma-delimited record to an ASCII file.
Important: If you use the ASCIIOutput function to write to the same file in multiple procedures (tabs) of a TurboIntegrator process, the file will be overwritten each time it is opened for a new procedure.


ASCIIOutput(FileName, String1, String2, ...String n);


FileName - full disk path of file
String1...Stringn - different string values. It could also be TI variables

Return Type:

1 - if function successfully writes the ASCII file
0 - if not


ASCIIOutput('D:myfoldermyCubelog.txt', V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, 'data written');


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  1. Code Snippets / May 1 2012

    x = 5;
    If(x = 5);
    AsciiOutput(‘D:\myfolder\myCubeLog.txt’, ‘x is equal to 5’);

  2. pooja / May 6 2016

    How can I take asciioutput for attributes for a dimension

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