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Assigns a value to a numeric element attribute.


AttrPutN(Value, DimName, ElName, AttrName);


Value - Attribute value
DimName - Dimension name in which this attribute exists
ElName - Element name in which to set value
AttrName - Attribute name

Return Type:



AttrPutN(123456, 'Products', 'L Series', 'ProductCODE');
It will assign value 123456 to attribute ProductCODE in Products dimension for element L Series.

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  1. Code Snippets / Apr 24 2012

    I had created a TI to assign location codes to my attribute “LocationCode” to my locations. So I used variable vLocationCode for assigning the attribute to my various dimension items.

    My dimension was Locations whereas my dimension item variable was vLocation. So here is the code that I would use in such situation:


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