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Aug 4 / Administrator

Install TM1 Server as a Windows Service


Here is the command to install TM1 server as a Windows service:

tm1sd.exe -install -n “TM1 Server Name” -z “Data directory Path”



tm1sd.exe -install parameters



1. -n Name of your TM1 server. This will become the windows service name.
2. -z Path to the data directory folder which contains tm1s.cfg file.
3. -u Username.
4. -w Password of above account



1. Install TM1 server TutorialGo as a windows service TutorialGo. The data directory (which contains cfg file) is in D:\\TutorialGo\\DataDir

tm1sd.exe -install -n TutorialGo -z D:\\TutorialGo\\DataDir

2. Install TM1 server SData as a windows service dev_sdata. The data directory (which contains cfg file) is in D:\\My Documents\\SData. Please install this service from the user account DOMAINNAME\\Administrator. Password for this account is pass@123

tm1sd.exe -install -n “dev_sdata” -z “D:\\My Documents\\SData” -u DOMAINNAME\\Administrator -w pass@123

Jul 29 / Administrator

TI to Replace Dynamic Subsets with Static Subsets

Dynamic subsets are always better when your dimension is changing frequently and you have to use a subset of that dimension in your cube view. But dynamic subsets consume considerable amount of memory. So it’s advisable that if possible, you should use static subsets to dynamic subsets.


TM1 consultant Rahul Parashar has submitted a TI process which can help you manage that in your model. You can keep a list of all the dynamic subsets of your model in a cube and a TI created by him can convert all such subsets to static subsets in single go. How cool is that!

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Jul 5 / Administrator

TI to Fill TM1 Cube with Dummy Values

This article is about a TI to fill TM1 cube with dummy values. From time to time you may require some dummy data in your cube so that you can do full fledged testing of your rules and consolidations.

A TM1 consultant Rahul Parashar has submitted a turbo integrator process which does just that. Here are the details of the process:

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May 20 / Administrator

12. TM1 Perspective

Introduction to TM1 Perspective

You can integrate all your TM1 data with Microsoft Excel and use it in graphs etc. You do this by using TM1 Perspective. It’s an excel add-in which helps you get connected to your TM1 application server. Follow below steps:

1. Go to Start > All Programs > IBM Cognos > Perspective For MS Excel (if you’re using Windows 7, figure out how you’re going to open this path, may be just search for Perspective)

2. MS Excel will open and will ask you to enable macros. Enabling macro will launch IBM’s TM1 perspective with Excel.

3. Go to TM1 menu bar, then click Connect and login to your TM1 admin server. You’ll receive a message saying that you’re now connected. Click OK. Now let’s learn how you can get the data from cubes into MS Excel.

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May 15 / Administrator

11. Setting up Security in TM1

Introduction to Security in TM1

You can control access to TM1 objects by assigning specific levels of object security to a TM1 group. Each object type in TM1 can be assigned specific level of security. For example, cubes, dimension, processes, applications, chores etc.


Basic security in TM1 can be defined in 3 steps:

1. Creating and managing clients

2. Assigning clients to groups

2. Defining security for groups

NOTE: Remember, you can not apply security directly at user level. Users are added into groups and security is then defined on groups. 

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May 11 / Administrator

10. TM1 Applications

Introduction to TM1 Applications

TM1 applications are folders which contains the shortcuts of various other TM1 objects. They are created just to keep (shortcuts of) a related group of objects at one place.

For example if you may have one application for all Sales related objects (sales related cubes, processes, dimensions and reports)

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