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Aug 4 / Administrator

Install TM1 Server as a Windows Service


Here is the command to install TM1 server as a Windows service:

tm1sd.exe -install -n “TM1 Server Name” -z “Data directory Path”



tm1sd.exe -install parameters



1. -n Name of your TM1 server. This will become the windows service name.
2. -z Path to the data directory folder which contains tm1s.cfg file.
3. -u Username.
4. -w Password of above account



1. Install TM1 server TutorialGo as a windows service TutorialGo. The data directory (which contains cfg file) is in D:\\TutorialGo\\DataDir

tm1sd.exe -install -n TutorialGo -z D:\\TutorialGo\\DataDir

2. Install TM1 server SData as a windows service dev_sdata. The data directory (which contains cfg file) is in D:\\My Documents\\SData. Please install this service from the user account DOMAINNAME\\Administrator. Password for this account is pass@123

tm1sd.exe -install -n “dev_sdata” -z “D:\\My Documents\\SData” -u DOMAINNAME\\Administrator -w pass@123

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  1. Amit / Aug 30 2013

    Very nice explanation !

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