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Jul 5 / Administrator

TI to Fill TM1 Cube with Dummy Values

This article is about a TI to fill TM1 cube with dummy values. From time to time you may require some dummy data in your cube so that you can do full fledged testing of your rules and consolidations.

A TM1 consultant Rahul Parashar has submitted a turbo integrator process which does just that. Here are the details of the process:


This process fills the cube with random values for a specific dimension/subset intersection.

TI to fill cube with random values

Input Parameters:

pCubeName – Name of the cube

I1, I2, I3 etc – Here you can do 3 things.

  1. You can leave the parameter as it is (ALL). This will consider all items of that dimension.
  2. You can write specific item name. This will consider only that particular item and will fill random/dummy values only for that item.
  3. You can mention subset name of a dimension. If subset exists, this will consider all items that are present in that subset.

NOTE: If you supply such a subset name which is also a dimension element name, process will fill dummy values only in dimension element (to be on the safer side)

pZeroOut – Inputting 0 will fill dummy values whereas inputting pZeroOut = 1 will zero out the cube for same intersection



Let’s say I have a cube called Sales with 5 dimension: Products, Cities, Months, Versions and Measure in that order. I want to fill dummy values for Sales Quantity (measure dimension item) in all products, a subset of cities called AsiaSubset, only in Budget Version 1 in all months.

I’ll supply following parameters in the TI process:

pCubeName : Sales

I1 : ALL

I2 : AsiaSubset

I3 : ALL

I4 : Budget Version 1

I5 : Sales Quantity

I’ll leave I6 to I16 as it is and

pZeroOut : 0


As the TI runs, it will complete successfully and fill the cube with dummy values if all the mentioned items are present in the dimensions.


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  1. Amin Mohammed / Jul 17 2012


    Please accept my subscription so I could download the TI.


  2. Administrator / Jul 18 2012

    We’ve sent you the TI process.

  3. Nicole / Mar 4 2014

    Can you send me the TI process also


  4. Abdus / Mar 10 2014

    I have also subscribed,Please send me TI process.

  5. Laks / Mar 18 2014

    Please send me the TIs. Thanks

  6. Luis / Apr 30 2014

    Can you send me the process please

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    Could you please send me the process

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    I have just subscribed to you website.
    Could you please send me this TI.
    Kind Regards

  9. Alina / Feb 2 2015

    Can you please send me the process as well? Thanks.

  10. Administrator / Mar 5 2015

    Sent to all

  11. vaasu / Jan 20 2016

    I am new to Cognos TM1 and the way you have explained and documented is pretty simple and easy to understand for beginners. Appreciate and awesome tutorial.
    I also just subscribed to your website. It will be greateful if you share any other tutorials(Expert/Intermediate level).

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Memmo / Apr 1 2016

    Hello where can I download the code?

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